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FATU-MMM Catering has always believed in giving back, so with every purchase you make, we will donate $2 to charity in Lebanon.

Absolutely no alcohol is used in any of our food products and all meat is halal.

For years Fatum’s friends and family have tasted her food and continually encouraged her to open up a bakery or food service. Thanks to God, her dream came true in the form of FATU-MMM Catering. Shout-out to her dear friend Carmen who came up with the name.

Many of Fatum’s products are original creations (such as her oh-so addicting Rainbow Caterpillar Crisps). She is well-versed in food science and knows how to create or change a recipe to give it the qualities she desires.

Her most popular sweets throughout the years include her lowziyi (famous for their crescent shape and light buttery/nutty flavor), gerwish (beloved for their syrupy-crispy texture and flavor), her churros (which she revised so the crunchiness would last for hours) and Loqmat that you can’t stop at one (beloved for their carob syrupy-crispy-chewy texture.

When it comes to savory cuisine, Fatum has mastered foods from around the globe; whether it be her Polish-Pierogies, Lebanese-Kibbeh, or Indian-Dhal Puri (just to name a few). She has never been afraid to try anything new and when she does, she can’t help but work until it meets or exceeds her high expectations.

Over the last two years, Fatum has expanded her food knowledge to include grain-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free options to meet the dietary restrictions of some. She has actively been taking some of her most beloved recipes and revising them. So much effort has been put into tweaking these recipes until they are just right and she is never satisfied until the healthier option (sugar-free, grain-free, etc.) tastes almost exactly like the original.

Thank you to all who have supported and encouraged Fatum along her journey. And a big thanks to her best friend Fautma, for help in proofreading and editing.