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These Assorted Fresh Savory Bites are packed with flavor! They are perfect to serve to family and friends. They are so irresistible that they won’t last long – satisfying to the eyes and the taste buds.
At your next gathering, consider ordering a basket of fresh savory bites. The basket can include an assortment of my baked multi-grain dough (with beef, zaatar, spinach, kishk, cheese, labneh), Sambousek, Mini Men & Veggie Pierogi. Or an assortment of my fried dhal puri (with lentils, beef or cheese mix), cheese balls, veggie spring rolls, kibbeh balls, veggie samosa or cheese Spring rolls.
Pair that with one or more of my Savory trays (Snail Shape Borek (with spinach mix, kishk mix, beef mix or cheese mix), Pumpkin kibbeh or Beef kibbeh. Satisfying to the eyes and the taste buds.
* Bites are minimum 55 pieces per order type *
* Trays are 14” × 14” round per order type. They are baked and go great with one of the salads, or cold appetizers, or cooked yogurt.
Fried Assortment:
Dhal Puri dough– Crispy and dairy-free dough made of all-purpose flour, water & oil. It is so versatile and goes great with a large variety of dairy/non-dairy fillings (lentil, beef or cheese) and it is deeply fried.
Lentils Dhal Puri
filled with lentils & onions, seasoned with blend of spices.
$78.00/55 pieces.
Cheese Dhal Puri
filled with cheese & parsley, seasoned with white pepper.
$78.00/55 pieces.
Beef Dhal Puri
filled with beef & onions, seasoned with cinnamon & black pepper. Shaped into a ball. (size of a hand palm)
$2.75/one piece (minimum 55 pieces per order type).
Cheese Balls
Dough is made of corn meal & water, filled with cheese and parsley and seasoned with a blend of spices. It’s crispy from the outside and soft from the inside
$78.00/55 pieces.
Kibbeh balls(7cm)
a Lebanese beef croquettes: looks like mini footballs made of meat, bulgur (cracked wheat), herbs and onions, filled with beef, onions seasoned with a blend of herbs with or without nuts (please specify). They go great with cooked yogurt (yogurt, garlic, dry mint and nuts).
$105.00/55 pieces.
(cooked yogurt also available at an extra charge of $25.00)
Veggie Samosa
with attractive design – beautiful design dough made of all-purpose flour, water, oil, and black sesame seeds. Stuffed with green peas, onions, potato and seasoned with blend of spices
$2.75/piece special design (minimum 55 pieces per order).
Cheese Spring Rolls
filled with cheese and parsley. Seasoned with white pepper.
$78.00/55 pieces.
Veggie Spring Rolls
filled with carrots, cabbage, garlic, ginger and onions.
$78.00/55 pieces.
Egg Free & Sugar Free (55 pieces per order)
$75.00/55 pieces or $110/90 pieces