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Assorted Large Filled Buns Tray (6-8 serving)


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(Low-Carbs & Gluten-Free Friendly) 33 pieces, three fillings maximum

Fresh toasted large buns topped with Tofu/Chicken Tawouk/Shrimp Tawouk, Chicken Makanek/Shrimp Makanek/Beef Makanek, Spinach Mix, Seasoned Baked Tofu or Smoked Salmon (please specify) They can be rubbed/served with a side of FATU-MMM’s fresh avocado mustard and mayonnaise spread/garlic sauce and topped with shredded head lettuce and sliced dill pickles

Offer: 50FreeLowCarbLowziyi $436.00/33 pieces of assorted veggie filled large buns + one salad tray + one cold appetizers tray + one side dish tray.


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