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Kaak Carob Molasses(Wheat or Millet)



These baked fingers cookies are sure to satisfy. Crispy on the outside, flaky crumb on the inside; sweetened with carob molasses with no added sugar. Tossed in roasted sesame seeds. They are so delightful you can’t stop at one.

Ingredients: All-purpose flour with wheat semolina/millet and rice semolina for our gluten free families, sesame seeds, baking powder, plant-based butter (for vegan) or cow butter), vegetable oil and Carob molasses; topped with freshly roasted sesame seed.

Additional information

Please choose your flour base and butter (cow or plant-based)

$62.00/60 pieces (with wheat semolina, all-purpose flour and cow butter). ($0.00), $62.00/60 pieces (with millet semolina, rice semolina, and coconut oil for our gluten free and vegan option). (+$5.00), $62.00/60 pieces (with millet semolina, rice semolina, and cow butter for our gluten free option). (+$5.00)


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