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Low-Carb NonDairy Mixed Maamoul



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Maamoul: Pistachio, Date or Walnut filled cookie *(Date fillings is an option and not Low in Carbs) *

The cookie is crispy and flaky. It’s just the right amount of sweetness and goes perfect with your favorite hot drink. They can be filled with pistachios (and topped with grounded pistachios), walnut (and topped with grounded walnut) or date (and topped with white and black sesame seeds).

Made with almond and lupin flour, cream, ghee, butter, olive oil, baking powder, yeast and xanthan gum.

It is scented with orange blossom and rose water, and sweetened and dusted with confectioner’s Monk Fruit, confectioner’s swerve or organic stevia leaves sweetener ($5.00-$7.00 applies).

I promise that you can’t tell the difference between semolina Maamoul and my low-carbs one. They are so scrumptious and melt in your mouth.

Minimum: 50 pieces per order


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